5 Genius Ways to Make Your Small Dorm Feel Bigger

The transition from your room at home to a small, shared dorm space can be a hard one for a lot of students. If you are like me and have a ton of clothes as well as random items that you feel you need in college, you may feel overwhelmed with how limited you are on space and privacy in a dorm room. Here are five tips to make your small dorm feel bigger and more like home:

1. Baskets

Hide your less attractive items in baskets. Baskets tend to make the room feel more decorated all while providing a good place to hide things that take up room or that you do not want laying around, such as medicine and money. Check out these cute baskets from world market:  Madras Rectangular Baskets

(Photo: World Market)

2. Mirrors

Hang up mirrors to give the illusion of more open space. Place the mirrors across from a window so that the natural light will reflect along your room. Here is a mirror from Urban Outfitters: Averly Circle Mirror

(Photo: Urban Outfitters)

3. Brightly Colored Wall Decor

Decorate your walls with brightly colored tapestries and posters. Bright walls not only create a cheerful atmosphere, but they also help to “expand” the room by reflecting light. Find this wall tapestry here:  Wall Tapestry

(Photo: Society6)

4. Lamps

Decorate your dorm room with lamps. It is a known fact that dark rooms appear smaller. By adding lamps to your space, your room will appear bigger all while feeling more comfortable. This floor lamp also has storage:  Shelf Floor Lamp with Shade

(Photo: Target)

5. Jewelry Storage

Display your jewelry with cute jewelry storage. This way, you will allow for more drawer space all while adding some decorations to your room. Check out this jewelry storage hanging mirror:  Aimee Jewelry Storage Hanging Mirror

(Photo: Urban Outfitters)

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